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The Use of Robots on the Battlefield to Increase Operational Efficiency

Ministry of National Defense Discusses Development Plan for Defense Robot Systems

Led by Minister Shin Won Sik, Seeking Ways to Strengthen Combat Capabilities

Emphasizing "Reviewing Changes to Operational Concepts and Unit Structure"


  Minister of National Defense Shin Won Sik (center

 Minister of National Defense Shin Won Sik (center) presides over the "Discussion on the Development Plan for Defense Robot Systems" held at the Ministry of National Defense in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, on May 27th.



On May 27th, the Ministry of National Defense held the "Discussion on the Development Plan for Defense Robot Systems" presided over by Minister Shin Won Sik at the Ministry of National Defense headquarters in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.


The discussion aimed to proactively prepare for recent warfare patterns and rapidly changing battlefield environments. It focused on maximizing operational efficiency and the survivability of combatants by using robots on the battlefield. Participants included key military officials such as Chairman Kim Myung Soo of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; the Chiefs of Staff of the Army, Navy, and Air Force; the Commandant of the Marine Corps; the Commissioner of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration; and the presidents of several defense-related institutions, such as the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, the Agency for Defense Development, the Defense Agency for Technology and Quality, the Korea Research Institute for Defense Technology Planning and Advancement, and the Joint Forces Military University.


The discussion began with Minister Shin's opening remarks, followed by analyses of the defense environment, the current state of integration and directions for the force enhancement of robot systems, operational concepts and force requirements for the robot systems by operational type, and the presentation of opinions by key officials.


Participants engaged in in-depth discussions on operational concepts for the robot systems by operational type developed by each military branch, mid- to long-term force requirements, strategies to maximize combat power with the optimization of future advanced forces, and collaborative efforts aimed at promoting rapid force integration and the advancement of defense science and technology.


"Countries around the world are fiercely competing to introduce AI-based robot systems into the defense sector," Minister Shin said. "Our military must also review not only force systems but also operational concepts and unit structures to ensure the rapid advancement of the robot systems."


Based on the discussions, the Ministry of National Defense will collaborate closely with the military and relevant agencies for the development of the robot systems and make efforts to rapidly deploy the robot forces required by each military branch to the battlefield.


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