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Experiences During Military Service to be Recognized as Academic Credits Starting Next Year

xperiences include various voluntary activities and leadership skills

Revision of academic regulations to be prepared within the year

About 10,000 students to become beneficiaries

xperiences include various voluntary activities an

The door is open for experiences during military service to be approved as academic credits. This will pave the way to giving new recognition to the 'value of military service,' considering that our society recognizes the value of experiences during military service.


On August 20th, the Ministry of National Defense announced that starting next March, experiences during military service will be recognized as academic credits in twelve colleges around the country. On that day, the ministry signed the 'Business Agreement for the Promotion of Recognition of Experiences during Military Service as Academic Credits' in a meeting attended by Vice Minister Seo Ju-seok, presidents of twelve colleges and main school officials. Colleges that signed the agreement are Gangwon State University, Konyang University, Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology, Gyeongin National University of Education, Gumi University, Far East University, Daegu Health College, Daeduk University, Daejeon University, Sangji Youngseo College, Inha Technical College, and Chunnam Techno University.


The ministry and the colleges plan to recognize experiences during military service, such as voluntary activities or leadership skills, as academic credits. Accordingly, it is expected that soldiers who serve the community and the people through military aid to civil authorities or who develop leadership skills by performing duties as a squad commander will be able to receive academic credits from colleges. “As one of 100 government projects, the ‘recognition of experiences during military service as academic credits’ project aims to allow the personal educational experiences that are accumulated during military service, such as social services and leadership skills, to be used as academic credits at the discretion of the colleges,” the ministry explained. The 2017 revision of the Higher Education Act gave all colleges broad latitude to recognize learning experiences outside of academia tower in accordance with school regulations. Public sentiment regarding whether experiences during military service should be approved as academic credits at each school's discretion has moved toward widespread support.


The recognition of military service experiences as academic credits is a different approach from the ‘military service extra-point system,’ which was controversial. “Through modifying the system, this project aims to approve military activities which were not approved in the existing incomplete system. Giving academic credits to those who serve in the military is a different approach from the military service extra-point system, considering that the acquisition of academic credits by those who do not perform the mandatory military duty is not restricted,” a ministry spokesperson explained.


The ministry expects that about 10,000 students enrolled in the twelve colleges that signed the agreement will become beneficiaries next year if the project is implemented in earnest. Soldiers have high expectations regarding the initiative. “I have long thought I have learned many things in a group-based military life. I am so happy and feel thankful that experiences in military service will be recognized as academic credits,” said Private First Class Kim Chang-hyun, who joined the air force while he was a student at Gyeongin National University of Education.


“We will form a promotion council along with the colleges that signed the agreement and come up with courses and the number of credits, academic credit approval procedures, revision of academic regulations, etc. within this year,” the ministry said.




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