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“One step closer to the people”

A team of specialists, maintaining communication with the public, consisting of 22 people working to “suggest and promote a defense policy at the level of the people”

Defense minister Song Young-moo participated in the appointment ceremony to listen to diverse opinions from the team


On March 14, the Ministry of National Defense appointed a team of 22 specialists to work in the area of communication with the public, with the aim of getting one step closer to understanding the needs of the public. According to the Ministry, “the third team of specialists in communication with the people was appointed in order to form a defense ministry that can provide the people with familiarity and reliability by understanding the people's perspectives on pending national defense issues and policies, and giving correct information to the public.” 

Minister Song Young-moo participated in the appointment ceremony that was held at the Army Club, listening to the various opinions shared by members the team.

The team consists of specialists from diverse fields of society with an interest in the area of national defense, considering the recommendations and activities of the Ministry and people from all walks of society. Ten of them have been reappointed from the second team, while twelve are new appointments.

The third team consists of four journalists including deputy director of YTN Kim Ju-hwan, seven public relations specialists including professor in the Department of Public Relations and Advertising at Sookmyung Women's University Han Kyu-hun, five members from the world of arts and culture including director of Sol'Opera Company Lee So-young, and six members from the 'social' world including CEO of Monaissance Kang Shin-jang. Team members serve a term of one year from the date of their appointment.

Beginning with the appointment ceremony, members of the team will present their opinions on national defense policies at the level of the public based on a more in-depth understanding of the policies through continuous activities throughout the year. 

Team members will freely exchange opinions on national defense policies through the regular meetings, and will objectively suggest directions for developing the Ministry's policies and public relations. 

In addition, the team will provide ideas to aid in the understanding and communication of the national defense policies, and will contribute to the production of broadcasting and online contents related to national defense through participation in various consultation and inspection activities.

“We will continue to push forward various communication activities in order to reach out to the people and to establish an image as an organization that thinks and communicates with the people," said a Ministry spokesperson.


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