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Ministry of National Defense to “shorten military service period within the Moon Jae-in government's tenure”

Regarding the mandatory military service period, which has recently become a controversial topic, the Ministry of National Defense has re-clarified, "Now that this is about a presidential campaign pledge, we will carry it out clearly and precisely."

Making the remarks during a regular press briefing, Ministry spokesperson Choi Hyun-soo emphasized, “The mandatory military service period will be shortened, and we are currently reviewing various options with the aim of making this change within the president's tenure, to the extent that it is possible.”

“As the shortened military service period needs to have no influence on the maintenance and enhancement of combat power, we prioritize not only strengthening but also maintaining our combat power,” Choi replied, to a question about specific measures to shorten the mandatory military service period,

She dismissed the criticism that the m ove to shorten the military service period was "playing populist politics with Korea's security." And she also pointed out, "The nature of warfare is changing. We do not depend only on troops, as we did before," adding that "The military will continue its investment in firepower to match modernization, while considering how to ease the burden of military service on our youth."

On when the formal announcement on the shortening of the military service period will be made, Choi said the ministry aims to announce it by the end of March.


"However, we have not ruled out the possibility that it may take more time," she said, adding that a decision will be made after coming up with effective measures to deal with public concerns.




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