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T-103 makes its exit in glory

T-103 makes its exit in glory

The T-103 - a training aircraft for beginner-level cadets which played an intermediary role in training Republic of Korean Air Force's elite pilots for last 13 years - made its exit in history after carrying out its last flight on April 17. It takes turns with KT-100.

On that day, the Air Force Academy (AFA) held a retirement ceremony for T-103 when Hwang Seong-jin, AFA's superintendent and lieutenant general, returned after he successfully completed his flight onboard the T-103.

Including the superintendent Hwang, the retirement ceremony was attended by commanders and chiefs, flight instructors and professors, student pilots, and maintenance crew. They celebrated its honorable retirement sharing memories of T-103 with each other and putting a large garland on the aircraft propeller.

The T-103 is a Russian fixed wing training aircraft first introduced by Republic of Korea's Air Force. It has been used to train beginner-level Air Force cadets for 13 years since June 2005.

The T-103 was thoroughly managed in its safety and was assured in its maintenance quality during the operation period, resulting in total 58,000-hour flight over 41 times and some 2200 cadets who completed the beginner-level flight training. It will be replaced by the KT-100, a new domestically made training aircraft for beginner-level cadets.

“I am so pleased that the T-103 is retired successfully from its service. The T-103 was a must-undergo aircraft to become an air force pilot. We will do everything possible to foster elite pilots through management based on regulations and procedures so that the KT-100, which will replace T-103 in service, can show its ability,” said Shim, Dae-seop, commander of the 55 Training Group of AFA and to be promoted to colonel who took in charge of operating T-103.

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