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Fighting with an Extreme Cold Wave: Best Warriors on the Eastern Front Line


Best Warriors on the Eastern Front Line1

The Army's 12th Division carried out extreme cold weather training in Wontong, Seonghwa, and Cheondori of Inje-gun, Gangwon-do Province from January 10 to 12. The Division enhanced its capabilities in conducting operational plans in an all-out war and trained to be fully prepared for conducting offensive operations, overcoming unfavorable conditions presented by the rugged mountainous region and sensory temperatures below minus 30 degrees Celsius.


The Division employed opposing forces during this training exercise, which was conducted under the assumption of an actual battlefield situation. Soldiers prepared for the enemy's asymmetrical attacks by developing a DMX path, breaching obstacles, and carrying out training to eliminate the enemy's weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The Division completed fire preparedness exercises in the mountainous region with its K9 and K55A1 self-propelled artillery, operating along the rugged mountain path at an altitude of 810m. 

“To enhance their readiness in such extreme cold weather training, our division has been thoroughly preparing since last month by making each small unit master combat skills, topography reconnaissance, experience winter outdoor camping, and doing cold weather physical training,” and “as mountain troops with the best soldiers defending the eastern front line, our division will make persistent efforts for the completion of sturdy training and combat readiness, developing soldiers that will win every fight,” said an official of the Division.

Best Warriors on the Eastern Front Line2

Best Warriors on the Eastern Front Line3

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