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Rookie Pilots To Start High Altitude Flights


On December 12, 54 rookie Republic of Korean Air Force pilots who completed lead-in, basic, and advanced flying education for one year and eight months pledged to protect air space, symbolically donning red scarves.  

On that day, the Air Force held the "2017 Third Advanced Flying Education Completion Ceremony," attended by Lee, Wang-keun, the Air Force Chief of Staff at the Seonbong Cultural Center of the Air Force 1st Fighter Wing. 

The total of 54 graduates, including 45 graduates from the 64th Air Force Academy, eight graduates from the 136th Air Force College, and one graduate from the 43th Reserve Officers' Training Corps, will take an active role in the forefront squadron after going through Lead-in Fighter Training (LIFT) or Combat Readiness Training (CRT). 

Beginning with the "Stage of Fame" ceremony in memory of senior pilots who devoted themselves to protecting their homeland, the completion ceremony was held in the sequence of granting a certificate of completion, awarding a pilot with excellent performance, and granting a red scarf and a pilot badge. Air Force Chief of Staff Lee said, after helping all the graduates in a red scarf in person, “You are the core military power at the frontlines of our Air Force to be deployed in actual warfare in case of emergency in order to protect the Republic of Korea and the people,” and asked, “I hope you go on to become the strongest pilots, leading an invincible Air Force by constantly polishing up on your tactics and techniques, corresponding to actual warfare conditions in the new squadron you will be assigned to.” 

Some rookie pilots having a special story, including first Lieutenant Kim, Jun-soo who gave up his Japanese nationality to become a combat pilot, even though he had both Korean and Japanese nationality, first Lieutenant Oh, Yong-yeon, becoming a combat pilot following his elder brother who is a transport pilot, and first Lieutenant Ki, Sang-woo who becomes a rotary wing pilot following his father who was an F-5 pilot, attracted widespread attention. In addition, three first lieutenants with excellent results, Jo, Yeong-hyeon, Seo, Yeong-Yeop, and Choi, Yu-na received the Air Force Chief of Staff prize.

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