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Heart Beats, the first step toward becoming one of the elite

Heart Beats, the first step toward becoming one of the elite

Heart Beats, the first step toward becoming one of

The Army's 31st Division announced on Wednesday that 98 students from Chosun University's military science department will be entering conscription training camps to engage in commissioned training. The training, which started on the 21st, continues until the 25th.

The Division has maintained its solid military preparedness due to the current security situation, and provides a range of educational programs such as basic military training and actual military life experience to the military science students, Korea's security leaders of the future, with the aim of fostering strong and superior military officers who will be responsible for the future of the military. 

The consignment training started with an admission ceremony, followed by patriotism education and security education. Students also participated in training exercises that required strong physical strength and patience, including personal firearms training, CBR training, first aid, and individual battles.

Jin-hui Ahn, a student who participated in the commissioned training, said, "I did not know that soldiers have been training so hard during the hot summer to protect the country," he said. "As I have selected the officer's path since I wish to become a commander, I will learn everything step by step to become a respected officer after I graduate."

In addition, the division is actively promoting the program through the Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education and the Jeollanamdo Office of Education so that many students can participate in the program, which includes military affairs, commissioned training and a patriotism barrack experience program.


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