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Military preparedness check in Aegis destroyer

Military preparedness check in Aegis destroyer

Navy Chief of Staff Eom Hyun-Sung visited the Aegis destroyer, currently on an antiballistic mission, on the East Sea on October 5th. During his visit, he checked its operation readiness and encouraged the hard-working soldiers to strengthen its military preparedness during the holidays.

"Despite the pressure from the international community, the enemy has been steadily carrying out nuclear and missile warfare provocations," he said in his on-site instruction. "Keep up the highest level of combat preparedness, so that you are ready for any enemy provocation and able to respond immediately to accomplish the mission."

Commander of the Marine Corps and Commander of the Northwest Islands Defense Lieutenant General Jeon Jin-gu also visited the Yeonpyeong Unit on October 7th to confirm its readiness for Northwest Islands operations, and encouraged the soldiers involved in the surveillance operation during this heightened security crisis.

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