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“Building an army that the enemy fears and the people trust'

“Building an army that the enemy fears and the people trust"

 Building an army that the enemy fears and the peop

Song Young-moo , the new Minister of National Defense, who expressed his goal of reforming the military in his inauguration, chose the western frontline for his first field visit.

On the day after his inauguration, Minister Song inspected the Dora Battalion of the 1st Army Division and the Joint Security Area (JSA), and checked the military preparedness status. The 1st Army Corps Commander, 1st Division Commander, and Commander of the 7th US Air Force joined the minister during the inspections.


With his arrival at the northernmost point of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) of the JSA, the Oleit guard post where North and Republic of Korean confront each other, Minister Song sent a severe warning to North Korea. He received reports from US military officers at the Oleit guard post, and looked at the recent trends related to North Korean troops.


After that, he reviewed the Military Armistice Committee talks (T2). Minister Song expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the UN troops and the US and Republic of Korean soldiers stationed at JSA, and called for the "stable management of the armistice system based on a strong ROK-US alliance."


In addition, the minister commented: "Protecting the lives and property of the people from the enemy's threat and achieving effective security is the first priority of our military and the beginning of a strong defense." He also emphasized, “With an overwhelming and strong preparedness stance, the military will be a force that the enemy fears, and the people trust.”


On the day of the JSA inspection, an official with the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said, "This visit was made to symbolize that the armistice agreement is in place, and that US and ROK soldiers are working together." As well, the previous Minister Han Min-goo briefly visited the Yeonpyeongdo Marine Corps as his first field visit after the inauguration of his replacement.


Prior to this, Minister Song inspected the Dora Battalion of the 1st Army Division. He went to the Dora Battalion Observatory to observe the recent activities of North Korea, and received reports. From Dora Observatory, you can see the North Gaesong Industrial Complex and the Kijung Dong Village, a village built by North Korea to encourage defections.

He then visited the command control room of the Battalion, where he was briefed about the scientific boundary system that was installed and updated on the status of operations near the border. The minister received reports on the status of the operations and encouraged the soldiers who are maintaining thorough military preparedness at the forefront of national security, even under tight security conditions.


“National defense reform can no longer be delayed”
Presenting 'Six Major Challenges' in his Inaugural Address

National defense reform can no longer be delayed

Minister of National Defense Song Young-moo, who was officially inaugurated on the 14th of this month, has expressed his strong will to reform Korea’s national defense forces to enhance our capacity for self-defense.

In his inaugural address, Song said, "We should maintain a defense force capable of overcoming any threats from North Korea, and enhance our relations with our neighboring countries." He added, "To have this level of defense capability, we should not delay our national defense reform for any reason."

The minister highlighted the following six key tasks for defense reform: ▲ Create a barracks culture that attracts young recruits and makes their parents feel safe ▲ Go beyond simple defense reform, to construct a new armed forces ▲ Build a stronger US-ROK alliance ▲ Expand the female labor force and improve working conditions ▲ Foster the defense industry as a future food industry ▲ Build a comprehensive security system to prepare against non-military threats

Song said, "Now, I want to apply the President‘s philosophy, which is to realize the goals of 'responsible defense, competent security' by building an army that the enemy fears and the people trust.” He added, “We will strive to build a strong army for future generations, with determination and an awareness that strong security is an essential part of our one-hundred year plan.”

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