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Sharing expertise and building teamwork ... We are the two strongest air forces in the world!

Sharing expertise and building teamwork ... We are the two strongest air forces in the world!

Sharing expertise and building teamwork ... We are

The US-ROK Air Force has entered into the Buddy Wing training exercise for a fifth year.


On August 3rd, the Air Force 11 combat squadron announced that training of F-15Ks operated by the 122 Battle Flight Battalion (hereafter “122 Battalion”) and F-16s operated by the US Air Force 51 Fleet 36th Battalion will be carried out through the 17-5 Korea-US Combined Buddy Wing training exercise from the 1st to the 4th of September at the Osan base area.


The training will include four Korean Air Force F-15Ks, eight pilots and 21 maintenance and support personnel who will work together with US Air Force pilots to improve teamwork and tactical discussions, etc.


The US-ROK Air Force will conduct a variety of tactical exercises, including 40 missions for the Buddy Wing training exercise, which will carry out joint missions for heterogeneous airspace, countermeasures against surface-to-ground threats, and evasion maneuvers etc.


In addition, tactical discussions will be held on topics such as cooperative tactics and operational strategies using the Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar.


Captain Kyle Moses of the Air Force 51st Fleet said, "At first it was a bit awkward, but I felt that the US-ROK Air Force became a true team through the tactical discussions, briefings and flight training." He also said, "I felt the ROKA pilots were excellent, and with them I became confident that I could always win.".


Park Jae-hyun, of the 122nd Battalion, who participated as a leader of the ROK Air Force, said, "We were able once again to verify the ability of the F-15K to carry out the combined operations by participating in the drill. Based on the solid ROK-US alliance, we will fully defend our country's airspace, whatever the circumstances.“


The Buddy Wing training exercise is training that aims to enhance the US-ROK Air Force's tactical mastery and combined operational capabilities. Since its inception in 1991, ROK and US pilots have been training through visiting each other's flight squadrons.


Given the seriousness of the current security situation and the increasing number of US strategic assets deployed on the Korean peninsula, this is a particularly meaningful time to verify the ability of US-ROK Air Force, strengthen teamwork and prepare for united missions.



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