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ROK-US combined aerial exercise conducted with US B-52H strategi...

ROK-US combined aerial exercise conducted with US B-52H strategic bomber deployed on the Korean Peninsula

- ROKAF F-35A/F-15K, and USAF B-52H/F-16 participated in combined aerial exercises

- Deployment of US strategic assets with increasing frequency and strength represents the commitment of the Alliance in action

The South Korean and United States air forces carried out joint aerial exercises on April 14th, incorporating the use of US B-52H strategic bomber along with South Korean F-35A and F-15K fighters, and US F-16 fighters, over the Korean Peninsula.

Through this training, the ROK and US Air Forces were able to further improve their joint operational ability and interoperability, while also demonstrating the rapid deployment of US strategic assets to the Korean Peninsula.

Furthermore, the drill showcases a closely coordinated reaction to North Korea's recent series of provocations and highlights the strength of the alliance and the US pledge to provide extended deterrence.


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