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“Honoring patriots and veterans is remembrance and respect for their dedication to the nation”

President Moon Jae-in’s national address to mark the 64th Memorial Day - “Our community is duty-bound to repay their sacrifices for the nation” 

“Genuinely respectful treatment for people of national merit can be brought to fruition when the bereaved families are able to take pride  
we will build a ‘memorial wall of remembrance’ to commemorate the fallen U.S. Korean War soldiers” 


“No death is in vain when it is in service to the country. Sacrifices for the nation are honorable acts that should be repaid by our community collectively,” President Moon Jae-in said on Thursday.

“Honoring patriots and veterans begins with this precious sense of responsibility,” President Moon also stated, in his national address to mark the 64th Memorial Day commemoration ceremony held at Seoul National Cemetery earlier in the day.

“Genuinely respectful treatment for people of national merit can be brought to fruition when the bereaved families are able to take pride. Their lives should be truly delivered to the hearts of the younger generation. We all should pay attention so that our descendants can be aware of their ancestors’ devotion to our country, and have respect for the lives of patriots and righteous people,” he said. 

“When it comes to patriotism, conservatives and liberals are fully united. I hope you all will put your hearts together to make our country become as it should be. This will become the strength and future of the Republic of Korea,” he also said. 

“I believe a country finally becomes as it should be when persons of national merit and the bereaved families can have a true sense of pride,” he said. Then he pledged that the government will work to ensure respectful treatment and welfare for the persons of national merit and their families, and continue to work on expanding the medical infrastructures available for veterans.

President Moon also said, “Next year will mark the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. Under the flag of the United Nations, some 1.95 million soldiers from 22 countries took part in the War, and approximately 40,000 lost their precious lives. The United States endured the greatest sacrifice for the sake of our country's liberty and peace. The government will build a “memorial wall of remembrance” within the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. by 2022 to honor the noble sacrifices of each and every fallen U.S. Korean War veteran, and help the sublime value of the alliance between our two countries to be deeply etched on the hearts of both peoples.” 

President Moon also called for the recovery of remains in the demilitarized zone, and offering respectful treatment to unknown soldiers.

“After the Sept. 19 inter-Korean military agreement, the government began eliminating landmines in the Demilitarized Zone and discovered 67 sets of remains and some 30,000 articles left by the deceased. A country is duty-bound to locate everyone who dedicated themselves to their country until the last person is found. Many of the heroes who have finally reached the arms of their country after a difficult search, however, remain unknown soldiers whose family members cannot be found. If the bereaved families can actively cooperate by helping us secure a larger database from genetic samples, I promise that the government will do its best to locate their family members,” he said. 

“We must constantly keep ourselves alert so as not to forget our past, but retain it while moving toward the future. As we ponder the origin of our roots, we must keep an informed eye on where we are heading. As long as the spirit of our patriotic ancestors is alive within us, the Republic of Korea will never cease its advance toward the future,” he added. 

The 64th Memorial Day ceremony was held under the slogan “Remembering You in the Name Of Korea.” In addition to the cermony attended by the President, commemoration ceremonies were held at the memorial towers of 17 cities and provinces and 226 cities, counties and boroughs all around the country.

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