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(press release) Interim report(draft) of Joint Investigation on ...

(press release) Interim report(draft) of Joint Investigation on North Korean UAV(presumption) 



󰊱Multiple presumptive evidence that positively attribute the UAV to North Korea identified

◦After the small UAV was first discovered at Paju in 24 March 2014, joint investigation was conducted for the UAVs additionally discovered at PY Do on 31 March, and at Samchuk on 6 April, regarding the characteristics of the aircraft and the equipments mounted in the UAV. Based on the result of the investigation, numerous evidences were identified to attribute the aircraft to North Korea.   

  ∙Based on the examination of the photographs taken, the direction of the small UAV found at Paju was North → South → North in relation to the 1st national road; and the small UAV discovered at PY Do moved from Sochung Do to Daechung Do, taking photographs of areas including multiple military facilities.

  ∙Considering the size of the fuel tank, displacement of the engine, and the photographs taken, the estimated speed ranges from approximately 180km/h to 300km/h. Taking into consideration the weather conditions during the flight and the distance to make a round trip, it is virtually impossible that the point of origin was China, Japan, or any other surrounding countries.       
     *nK, attack UAV disclosed(5.6×5.8m)
     *UAVs crash landed on Paju, Samchuk(1.93×1.22m), PY-do(2.46×1.83m)

  ∙The camouflage color and pattern of the UAV is strikingly similar to the models exhibited and broadcasted during the parade for Kim Il Sung’s birth day in 2012(15.April.’12) and the UAV revealed to the press during Kim Jung Eun’s visit to 1501 unit in 2013(25.March.’13).

  ∙The shape of the UAV is completely different from the small models for civilian or military use in the ROK. Also in terms of the method of manufacture, specification, color, and the details of the operating system, the UAVs are idiosyncratic.

  ∙An example of such distinct feature is that the UAVs discovered in Paju and PY-do applied an expensive type of cast; and an electronic circuit board was attached on a wooden panel(UAV crash-landed on Paju). Such techniques are never used for ROK civilian UAVs.

  ∙Moreover, to launch a UAV, a launchpad and additional equipment are required; yet, there were no witnesses or reports of such device in the vicinity of Paju, PY-do and Daechung-do/Sochung-do.

  ∙Finger-print investigation revealed that the UAVs discovered in Paju and PY-do were marked with 6 unregistered prints untraceable in the national database.

◦These circumstances unequivocally point toward North Korea; still, further scientific and technical investigation is necessary for the acquisition of evidence to corroborate this conclusion.



󰊲Investigation team dedicated to scientific examination established

◦Investigations revealed that the UAV was built with parts from various origins: ROK, US, Japan, China, Czech. Therefore, a detailed and multidimensional analysis is called for.

◦For this objective, the ROK MND will consult relevant agencies in order to establish a Scientific Investigation Team composed of experts and led by the Director of UAV Projects of the ADD; and collaborate with the Central Joint Intelligence Investigation Team.

◦The Scientific Investigation Team will be dedicate its efforts to discover additional evidence including the launch point through technological scrutiny of recovered photographs, CPU data analysis, flight course verification.

◦In addition, a final joint investigative report will soon be announced after a thorough examination and the combined efforts between ROK-US information sharing and the cooperation with countries from which the UAV parts originated.


◦Our military recognizes the small UAV, which is evidently from North Korea, as a military threat; and as such, systematically consolidate a detection, identification, and strike system corresponding to respective regional operational environments.

  ∙We will reinforce the air-defense readiness maximizing the utility of our existing forces and the civilian-government-military integrated defense system; and

  ∙Based on precise small UAV threat assessment, a step-by-step plan to field our assets will be executed.

◦When we finally verify that North Korea was indeed responsible, our military shall demonstrate a firm response against what constituted a serious provocation that violated our airspace.


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