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Strengthening military cooperation and promoting Korean Army’s s...


Strengthening military cooperation and promoting Korean Army’s superiority


For the first country that ever sent troops to UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon), Dongmyeong unit (Commander Jung Hae-il) invited major officers of ISF (Internal Security Forces) including Brigadier General Abdo Enjaim, the commander of ISF, to have quality time to further the strengthen military cooperative relationship between the two countries.


“We solidified the military cooperative relationship with ISF and introduced the excellence of the Korean Army by discussing the situation, demonstrating bodyguard martial arts and arguing about guard operation support after hosting the event on April 5th,” said the unit on April 8.


The Dongmyeong unit has been cooperating with ISF when there is unit deployment and a great amount of military movement as well, and thoroughly preparing for protection through prior information about terror and dangerous areas. It has also taken full advantage of the military force of ISF being assured of guard service during civil-military operations and major events.


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