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Faster damage recovery with stronger partnership


Faster damage recovery with stronger partnership



The Air Force Operations Command (AFOC) held a tactical discussion for combined and joint damage recovery at Osan base on April 15, participated in by relevant facilities engineer officials of the U.S. 7th Air Force, tri-service, and the Marine Corps.

This 12th tactical discussion was held for the purpose of understanding each other regarding the damage recovery area and raising their combined operational capability.

Eighty relevant officials focused on prompt restoration of damaged runway bombed by an enemy.

Major Cho Rak-yeong, the technical commander of 91 air facility group, made a presentation about improvement of recovery ability for a large bomb crater on the runway. He verified the bombed runway condition by bomb weight based on the fact that North Korea possesses multiple ballistic missiles whose warheads are heavy, and also suggested standards of optimized runway damage recovery and its direction.

Relevant facilities officials of the U.S. 7th Air Force, who participated in the discussion for the first time this year, conducted a presentation of the case, humanitarian support and disaster relief mission completion, such as relief work during the earthquake in Indonesia and flood damage recovery in Thailand.

“Now, cooperation with each military is more important than ever. The discussion, with the first attendance of the U.S. Army, was a great help in developing relevant tasks. We keep working for the improvement of damage recovery ability in various angles by strengthening our cooperation,” said Colonel Ryu Yeong-neung, a director of operation command.


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