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Beauty and courage!! South Korea's first female explosive ordnan...

In the era of ten thousand female soldiers, as well as a growing number of female civilian workers' involved in the military, the South Korean Army has welcomed its first female explosive ordnance disposal agent. Meet Kwon, Ye-seul, an action officer newly hired by the 1st Logistical Support Command at the end of last year.

Her interest in explosive ordnance disposal work began when she watched "The Hurt Locker," a film about agents engaged in explosive ordnance disposal work in a dangerous war situation.

It was no easy task for her to find work in this area. For many years, women had been restricted from working in this position due to the high level of danger. After a younger cousin serving as a commissioned officer recommended that she try finding a bomb disposal position as an army civilian, she finally was hired as a bomb disposal agent last December.

Having achieved her goal of employment as an explosive ordnance disposal agent, her duty now is to find and rem ove or detonate any abandoned and unexploded bombs within the area of operations, and join in other anti-terror operations.

She recently started work in the field, participating in an abandoned and unexploded bombs disposal operation. She also has been given a security operation duty in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Kwon said, “When I first saw a red-colored rusty unexploded bomb during a visit to the explosive ordnance disposal place, I thought I might be injured or die if I am not careful. Watching how my seniors' disposed of the unexploded bombs, I realized that I could even dispose of dangerous bombs in a safe way if I have enough knowledge and experience,” adding, “I will be a pioneer female agent in the explosive ordnance disposal area by developing my specialty, by building up my hands-on experience and acquiring related licences."




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Beauty and courage!! South Korea's first female explosive ordnance disposal agent, an army civilian worker
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