Defense Policy

Defense Media Agency

Preparing for the warfare of the future with an elite and advanced military
The MND is establishing a logistics support Policy to control the use of all equipment, materials and munitions. The Ministry assumes responsibility for the acquisition, management and disposal of food, clothes and various weapons used in combat.


  • Give the public an accurate overview of Korea's national defense, in order to contribute to developing a national security consciousness


  • The best and most reliable messenger for national defense and security

Media Introduction

The Korea Defense Daily (

  • Korea's one and only daily military news media outlet, which accurately covers defense and security policies and contributes to enhancing the moral strength of soldiers and fostering their emotional development.
    * 150,000 copies printed per day

Korea Defense TV (

  • Korea's one and only national defense and security focused channel, which not only boosts understanding and confidence through providing military-related information and public relations, but also realizes an open national defense and builds a sense of unity. As well, it is used as visual media for soldiers to conduct Troop Information and Education(TI&E) and satisfy their cultural desires, boosting their spirits and enhancing their moral strength.
    * 24-hour Broadcasting
    * Channel 153 on SkyLife, IPTV : Channel 260 on KT Olleh TV, Channel 174 on LG U+, WebTV : everyonTV

Korea Defense FM (

  • Korea Defense FM provides useful information, such as current event reporting programs that provide information related to national defense, and cultural education programs for recreational activities and military culture development for soldiers
    * 18-hour Broadcasting (06:00~24:00)
    * Note : Refer to 'Listening Guide' on the DEMA Website(

The Korea Defense Nuri