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“We Will Remember and Look After Persons of National Merit”

“Heartfelt respect so that bereaved families can live with pride”

Request for national unity across the political spectrum on patriotism and veterans affairs

Establishment of Veterans Hospital and Rehabilitation Facilities all across the country

Willingness for the recovery of the remains in the Demilitarized Zone

On June 6th, President Moon stressed that, "Our heartfelt respect for persons of national merit has been fully shown when the bereaved families are able to live with pride. The younger generation should have heartfelt gratitude for their sacrifices."

“All people should pay attention so that our descendants can keep ancestors' sacrifices for the country in mind, and can show respect for the patriots and those who did righteous things,” he said in his address at the 63rd Memorial Day commemorative ceremony at the National Cemetery in Daejeon.

Significantly, President Moon emphasized, “Conservatives and progressives should be united when it comes to patriotism and veterans affairs. I ask all the people to walk together on the path that will make the Republic of Korea a country with due order and distinction. This is how we will become the strength and future of the Republic of Korea.” 

President Moon also emphasized, "The Republic of Korea will not leave them alone, and will remember and look after them. We must remember all those who died for their country in the name of the Republic of Korea, including those who do not have surviving families or relatives. It will be the country’s role and responsibility to respond to the sacrifices they have made for the country, and to make the people have faith in the country," mentioning the gravesite of the army sergeant Kim Ki-eok who fell during the Korean War.

He said that, “The reason why family is precious to us is that we have faith that our family will be with us when we face difficulties. The same goes for the country. We can dedicate ourselves to our country when we have firm faith that our country will help us at any time. This is true patriotism.” 

He also showed his willingness to support the excavation of remains. 

President Moon said, "We will continue efforts to recover the remains of military and police members who fell during the Korean War until we find the last remaining person. When South-North relations improve, we will prioritize the recovery of the remains in the Demilitarized Zone. We will also be able to retrieve the remains of U.S. and other foreign soldiers who participated in the war."

He also added, “Taking care of veterans affairs is a sign of respect for those who sacrificed themselves for the country, and to keep that sacrifice for neighbors is a worthwhile goal deep in our hearts. With respect for patriotism, the government is working to improve in the area of veterans affairs.” 

Under the government's policy, a flag of condolence with the President's name will be given when a person of national merit dies, and Incheon Veterans Hospital will be opened this August. New nursing hospitals will open in the Gangwon and Jeonbuk regions, and rehabilitation facilities will be established in major cities, including Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, and Daejeon.  

Memorial ceremonies took place in 17 metropolitan cities and provinces and 226 cities and towns all across the country, including the commemorative ceremony hosted by the government at the National Cemetery in Daejeon, in order to pay tribute to the spirit of those who sacrificed themselves for the country.

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We Will Remember and Look After Persons of National Merit
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