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Army Soldiers Perform BTS-like Synchronized Group Dance

Army soldiers wearing full 'warrior platform' gear have been heating up the internet with their dance performance to the BTS song "IDOL." 

The Army announced on October 21st that the video, uploaded on the South Korean Army's official YouTube and Facebook under the title 'South Korean Army soldiers challenge BTS' IDOL' cover dance,' had surpassed 470,000 views as of Sunday noon. 

The Army also said, “The video is quickly spreading online and getting an enthusiastic response, and there has been a sharp increase in traffic from internet users overseas. Commenters are leaving positive responses, such as ‘Real Army, Cool’ and ‘Amazing Thing!’” 

The video, uploaded on the Army's official online channel on October 17th, shows soldiers from the 2nd and 5th Divisions performing synchronized dance moves to the BTS song 'IDOL.'


The video is quite impressive from the start. The Army soldiers, wearing their future combat operation gear, called ‘warrior platform,’ appear, posing like celebrities. In settings that range from the Inter-Korean Transit Office to Yeolsoe Observatory and Dora Observatory, they replicate BTS' choreography perfectly with their powerful synchronized dance moves. This is broken up by more sensuous images of the soldiers wearing warrior platform, making it fun to watch.

“We wanted to express what BTS means – solid, bulletproof for the youth – and incorporate the message of BTS' "Love Yourself" album into the South Korean Army's message. We wanted to show the South Korean Army's will to become a robust shield through the appearance of soldiers who are on duty wearing warrior platform. The video showing soldiers dancing at a place that represents peace reflects the Army's desire for peace on the Korean Peninsula and its power-driven support - 'typical of the Army'” said Kim Geon-ho (to be promoted to Captain), Army headquarters' video content producing officer who designed the video.

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