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Vice Defense Minister visits Akh Unit

Vice Defense Minister visits Akh Unit

On July 12 (local time), Vice Defense Minister Shin Beom-chul, who was in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a vice defense ministerial meeting, visited the Republic of Korea Special Warfare Unit in UAE, also known as Akh Unit. He encouraged the soldiers who are successfully accomplishing their mission and enhancing the reputation of Korea.    

Vice Defense Minister Shin went to the barracks and gym of the unit and checked the accommodation and welfare conditions of the troops. He also had lunch with soldiers and listened to their difficulties in service and recommendations.

Shin stated, “The dispatch of the Akh Unit is not simply for the joint exercises of Korean and UAE special forces, but aims to build trust and mutual understanding through cooperation and foster a true brotherhood of ‘akh’ (meaning brother in Arabic).”

He added, “You are military diplomats and national representatives, and you should be proud because your service contributes to bilateral relations. Since your term of service is halfway over, I expect you to complete the mission with health and safety as you have done so far before returning home.”


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