Defense Policy


Defense Innovation 4.0
Build Robust Armed Forces of AI S&T

With a successful implementation of "Defense Innovation 4.0” a groundbreaking change will take place in national defense and the whole nation.

  • Changes in National defense
    • (Threat response) Significantly reinforce response and deterrence capability against North Korea’s unclear and missile threats, and operational capability in future battlefield
    • (Military manpower) Resolve the problem of manpower shortage by transitioning to advanced S&T based manned-unmanned system centric military structure with reduced manpower
    • (Operations efficiency) Maximize combat capability and minimize wartime casualty by building AI-based unmanned robot combat systems
  • National dimension
    • (Human resources) Improve civilian technology, manpower, and capability related to 4IR and satisfy national needs with defense S&T specialists
    • (National industry) expand defense S&T fused with advanced civilian S&T into a new growth engine for national development