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Vice Minister Profile

Vice Minister SHIN, Beomchul


Ph.D. in Law, Georgetown University Law Center
Ph.D. ABD in Law, Seoul National University
LL.B., Chungnam University
Cheonan Bugil Academy

Carrer History

Carrer History
Period Carrer History
2020. ~ 2022. Director, Research Institute for Economy and Society
2018. ~ 2020. Center Chief, Center for Security and Unification,
Asan Institute of Policy Studies
~ 2018. Professor, Korea National Diplomatic Academy
2013. ~ 2016. Director General for Policy Planning,
Republic of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2011. ~ 2013. Chief, North Korea Military Division, KIDA
2009. ~ 2010. Policy Advisor to the Minister,
Republic of Korea Ministry of National Defense
2009. Lead, Current Defense Issue Team, KIDA
2008. Director, Defense Policy Division, KIDA
1995. Korea Institute for Defense Analysis (KIDA)