Defense Policy

Need for Implementation

Defense Innovation 4.0

Crisis awareness, “No Change No Survival”, is the starting point for “Defense Innovation 4.0” to cope with a future challenging defense environment.

4차 산업혁명 과학기술의 발전 기회요인, 도전요인
“Challenge Factors” to overcome for future defense
  • Actualization of North Korea's nuclear weapons and missiles threats
  • Increase of instability due to U.S.-PRC competition for hegemony in Northeast Asia
  • Change in warfare paradigm and intensifying competition over technological supremacy
  • Decrease in military service resourcesdue to demographic cliff Men aged 20: 257,000 (2022) -> 230,000 (2035) -> 130,000 (2040)
Cutting-edge S&T development is “the Opportunity Factor” that helps overcome challenging defense environment.
  • Highly advanced Korea’s cutting-edge S&T 87.8% compared to level of U.S. AI technology
  • Sharp rise in the global status and competitiveness of Korea’s defense industry Korea’s defense industry competitiveness : 80% compared to the U.S.

“Defense Innovation 4.0” is not an option but a must to overcome various challenge factors by using the opportunity factor which is 4IR S&T.