Defense Policy

Establishment of Military Trust in Inter-Korean Relations

In pursuit of a peaceful Korean Peninsula and an end to Fratricide
The MND has held inter-Korean Military talks to relieve tension and promote peace on the Korean Peninsula. Our Ministry is working towards signing various agreements based on these talks to build trust between the ROK and North Korea.
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The MND's ultimate goal is to achieve an everlasting peace on the Korean Peninsula

Trust-building Process on the Korean Peninsula

  • The ROK government promotes the trust-building process on the Korean Peninsula, by pursuing the steady development of the inter-Korean relationship based on robust national security.
  • Ÿ However, there has been no significant progress in building inter-Korean military confidence due to the continuous threats made and provocations carried out by North Korea.
  • The Ministry of National Defense (MND) works towards establishing sustainable peace and ensuring stability.
  • When inter-Korean relations improve in the future, the MND will gradually take measures to build inter-Korean military confidence.

Ensuring Inter-Korean Exchanges and Cooperation, and Providing Humanitarian Assistance

  • The MND provides military support to the trust-building process on the Korean Peninsula by offering military assurance to inter-Korean exchange and joint-venture projects.
  • Ÿ Upholding the humanitarian values, the ROK government repatriated Chinese soldiers’ remains which had been buried in the ROK, and plans to discuss inter-Korean joint remains recovery with a high priority once the conditions are set.

Progress of inter-Korean military dialogues [Unit: Times]

Progress of inter-Korean military talks
Total 1990s 2000s
Military Subcommittee Sessions Defense Ministerial level Talks Military High-level Talks General Officer-level Talks Military Working-level Talks
169 60 2 1 7 39
  • Defense ministerial talks
    As a major element of inter-Korean military dialogue, defense ministerial talks have led to agreements to relieve tension and guarantee peace
  • General officer-level talks
    General Officer-level talks have achieved consensus on preventing collisions on the Yellow Sea and to eliminating propaganda apparatus from the military demarcation line (MDL).
  • Military working-level talks
    At working-level talks, the ROK and North Korea have agreed to utilize military units to provide support for inter-Korean transit and railroad/road projects.

Building military trust between the two Koreas following the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula

  • If the North Korean nuclear issue shows any progress, Inter-Korean relations will advancegrow and develop as the spheres of cooperation between the two Koreas expand.
  • In the process of denuclearization and transition to a peace structure, the MND seeks to establish regular inter-Korean military dialogues, build trust, and guarantee stability.