Defense Policy

Logistics Support Policy

Management of advanced Defensr logistics
The MND manages the logistics support policy to control the use of all equipment, materials and munitions. The Ministry assumes responsibility for the acquisition, management and disposal of food, clothes and various weapons used in combat.

Building a practical system of advanced logistics support

Objective: Maintain combat readiness

Defense logistics management system and the role of the MND

  • The MND acts as the control tower by overseeing and managing defense logistics from acquisition to disposal.

Strategies for an effective logistics support policy

  • TLCSM (Total Life Cycle System Management) was introduced to ensure efficient management of equipment, materials and ammunition (to take effect from 2009).
    • Equipmentto develop applications based on the acquired systems.
    • MaterialsForm a network among related organizations, utilize advanced technology and new materials, and maximize combat efficiency.
    • Ammunitions: Increase the reliability of munitions based on effective lifecycle management.
  • Advanced logistics support
    Advanced logistics support
    Improve combat capabilities Improve quality Improve design
    • Inter-squad connection
    • Modularization and mutual
    • Flexibility
    • Application for new materials
    • Heat insulation function, bullet-protection
      function and danger detection
    • Infrared camouflage processing
    • Ergonomic design
    • Improve convenience and popularity
    • Integration of similar functions
    • Develop a nationwide, one-day supply and transportation support system
    • Improve support systems for combat equipment
    • Ensure efficient management and reduce lead time
    • Improve meals and diet (including rations) in terms of both food safety and quality
    • Improve uniforms for better functionality
  • ICT-based Defense Logistics Management
    • Develop the Defense Logistics Intergrated Information System
      (Intergation of the materials, Ammunition and Equipment Maintenance Systems)
    • Improve field-unit tasks by utilizing Defense Logistics Field Automation System (barcode, PDA)