Defense Policy

International Peace-keeping Operations

From beneficiary to donor!
The ROK, with the aid and assistance from the UN and the international community, was able to overcome the devastation from the Korean War; It has since achieved remarkable economic development to become a donor country. As the ROK has developed from an aid recipiento a donor country, its military is also playing a substantial role in contributing to world peace and stability through international peacekeeping operations.

From an aid recipient to a donor country

  • Since its admission to the United Nations in September 1991, the Republic of Korea has participated in peacekeeping operations in earnest. With its very first deployment of the Sangnroksu Unit, a participant of the UNOSOM II(UN PKO in Somalia) in 1993, the Republic of Korea has since deployed approximately 62,343 troops all over the world, contributing to world peace.
  • As of Dec 2023, 4 units comprised of approximately 955 service members personnel of the ROK Armed Forces, and 40 observers, staff and coordination officers are deployed in 13 different countries in various operations, with a total of 995 assignments.

[Last Updated : JUNE, 2023]

From an aid recipient to a donor country
  • Dongmyeong Unit (Lebanon)
    Deployed to Tyre, south of Lebanon since July 2007, this unit has contributed to peace in the Middle East through Lebanon-Israel Disengagement Observation efforts.
    There are currently 276 personnel on duty.
  • Hanbit Unit (South Sudan)
    The Hanbit Unit is deployed to the newly independent South Sudan (since July, 2011).
    Endeavoring to provide peace and stability through rehabilitation, 281 personnel are on duty since March 2013, acting as a beacon of hope for the reconstitution of South Sudan.
  • Cheonghae Unit (Somalin Waters)
    In order to safeguard our vessels and strategic transport routes, 249 servicemembers are sent to the Somalia waters to serve and protect our citizens and national interests since March 2009.
  • Akh Unit (UAE)
    This unit provides education and training for the UAE special forces, conducts combined exercise and training with the UAE Armed Forces, and protects Korean nationals under emergency circumstances. Deployed since January 2011, this 149-man-unit has contributed to enhancing the Korea-UAE defense cooperation efforts, and promoting our national interests.