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Defense Minister holds a meeting with top commanders in relation...

Defense Minister holds a meeting with top commanders in relation to heavy rain

 - Emphasized the basic mission of the military to protect people's safety and property
 - Urged preemptive recovery support by contacting local governments to find support needs

On Sunday, July 16, Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup held a meeting with commanders of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and military branches to check emergency situations due to heavy rain nationwide.

This meeting was the fourth one related to heavy rain hosted by Minister Lee in recognition of the gravity of the heavy rain situation, and the military has responded to the disaster by placing a top priority on the safety of people and soldiers.

The meeting, which was attended by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, chiefs of staff of military branches, Second Operations Commander, Marine Corps Commander, and Army Special Warfare Commander, was held in the battle control room of the Joint Chiefs of Staff through video conferencing.

Minister Lee examined the weather situation and prospects, and responses of military branches, and gave the Defense Ministry’s response guidelines on heavy rain, and urged commanders at various levels to be dedicated to their duties.

He praised the hard work of soldiers engaged in rescuing missing people and recovery operations in relation to the heavy rain, and urged them to do their best until search and rescue operations are completed.

“I appreciate all the soldiers who are dedicated to search, rescue, and recovery work, such as the removal of earth and fallen trees nationwide, even at this very moment,” said Minister Lee. He emphasized the need for a preemptive response to protect people’s safety and property.

Minister Lee told commanders to make the utmost efforts to defend the safety and lives of people and soldiers as a torrential downpour of at least 300 mm of rain was expected in the Chungcheong, Jeolla and Gyeongsang provinces for a few days. He also asked them to call or visit local governments to identify and take preemptive measures since support for cleanup will begin after the rain ends.


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