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President Yoon orders “Dramatic expansion of the Korean triad system capability and posture” in response to Ministry of National...

Instructions of President Yoon during presentation of Ministry of National Defense business report

Further consolidate extended deterrence cooperation between Korea and the US

Exercise the right of self-defense against the enemy’s threats anytime

Urged the building of a defense export system

President Yoon orders “Dramatic expansion of the K

On January 11, President Yoon Suk Yeol urged Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup “to further consolidate cooperation between Korea and the United States by sector with extended deterrence to effectively contain North Korea’s threats, and to dramatically strengthen the capabilities and readiness of the Korean triad system.”


“Peace relying on others is a false peace that is not sustainable,” President Yoon said at the 2023 Ministry of National Defense business report presentation held at Cheongwadae Yeongbingwan.


Yoon emphasized, “Training and education in the military is the most important operation, and our military should be prepared to exercise the right of self-defense anytime if an enemy threatens the freedom and peace of South Korea,” and ordered all soldiers to think and act with a focus on combat readiness.


In addition, Yoon stressed, “We should have a determined, firm response to North Korea’s provocations based on a precise analysis of its circumstances from political, economic, and social perspectives as well as military considerations.”


Yoon also urged government ministries to collaborate closely based on an understanding of the characteristics of the defense market to further expand defense exports, strengthen cooperation with advanced counties in the defense industry, and establish legal and institutional systems to ease regulations on the defense industry.


Minister Lee said while presenting the business report that the “realization of peace by force by building a robust national defense and science and technology-based military power” was this year’s defense goal. He listed core implementation initiatives such as innovation and self-reliance, alliance and solidarity, and welfare and co-prosperity.


Lee emphasized that “An atmosphere must be fostered in the military to value the operation of units focused on combat missions and realistic hard training. The Ministry of National defense will implement tasks aimed at strengthening the determination of soldiers to win and putting combat units under a solid command structure.”


He added, “While we foster innovation in the military, we will realize peace by force with the establishment of overwhelming deterrence and response capabilities against North Korea’s asymmetric threats such as nuclear weapons and missiles so that people can feel safety.”


The Ministry of National Defense reported its 2023 business plan with a focus on “the establishment of South Korean military’s overwhelming response capabilities against North Korea’s asymmetric threats such as nuclear weapons and missiles” and “laying a foundation to rise as one of the world’s top four defense exporters.”


To develop overwhelming response capability, the Defense Ministry aims to dramatically strengthen the capability and posture of the Korean triad system, establish independent intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities, have a stronger response to North Korea’s unmanned aerial vehicles, draw up a practical and specific implementation plan to bolster the execution of extended deterrence with the US, earlier create a strategic command, and strengthen combined military exercises.


In particular, the Table Top Exercise (TTX) with scenarios of the North’s nuclear use will take place next month, and Korea/US joint exercises in the first half of the year will be conducted for 11 consecutive days, the maximum period.


In addition, the Ministry reported a strategy to foster a virtuous cycle where “expanded defense exports lead to the strengthened defense industry base and establishment of high-tech military strength” to lay the groundwork for Korea’s rise to be among the world’s top four defense exporters, as well as plans to expand pan-governmental support, improve post-sales service, and promote defense R&D.

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