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Ministry of National Defense says 'South Korea’s military sent UAVs over North Korea as a corresponding measure of self-defense'

Emphasized legitimate response to UAV provocations from North Korea

Ministry of National Defense says "South Korea’s m

On January 9, the Ministry of National Defense emphasized that the flight of its UAVs over North Korea in response to North Korea’s UAV infiltration to the south is a corresponding measure of self-defense.


At the regular briefing of the Ministry of National Defense, spokesman Jeon Ha-gyu said, “North Korea’s UAV infiltrations over the Military Demarcation Line are a provocation that clearly violate the Armistice Agreement, the Inter-Korean Basic Agreement, and the Sept. 19 inter-Korean Military Agreement, and our military action is a corresponding measure of self-defense against military provocation from the North, and this response for self-protection is a legitimate right guaranteed by the Charter of the United Nations.”


Earlier, the defense ministry spokesman stated on January 8 that “Our UAVs’ flight over North Korean region is a measure of self-defense in response to the clear violation of the Armistice Agreement by the North by its UAVs crossing the Military Demarcation Line and entering northern Seoul.”


He added, “The Armistice Agreement shall not impair the commander’s inherent authority and obligation to take appropriate actions against clear hostilities, and our corresponding measure of self-defense after the North’s provocation is not a violation of the Armistice Agreement, and it is not proper to assess whether violation occurred.”

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