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Defense Minister nominee Shin Won-sik makes first attendance at work

“Will build a military that never loses a battle”

Emphasized the right views of the nation, anti-enemy awareness, and soldiership


On September 15, Shin Won-sik, nominee for defense

On September 15, Shin Won-sik, nominee for defense minister, reported to work at an office in the Army Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul to prepare for his confirmation hearing.


On September 15, the nominee Shin Won-sik said, “I have tremendous responsibilities as a defense minister nominee when the security situation is serious. If I am appointed, I will be dedicated to building a strong, advanced military by observing defense-related guidelines as the supreme commander of the armed forces.”


The nominee Shin said this while meeting with reporters as he made his first appearance at his office in the Army Hall on the morning of September 15.


He expressed his commitment to fostering a strong military, saying, “I will make sure that soldiers and officers are armed with the right view of the nation, anti-enemy awareness and soldiership, and cultivate a strong military and troops that never lose a battle.”


Concerning the close military relationship between North Korea and Russia, Shin, said, “If North Korea and Russia get closer militarily, it will have a significant impact on the North’s development of advanced weapons.”


He went on to say, “I will supplement a military strength expansion plan that overwhelms the North by examining related developments, and in addition to enhancing the strategic capabilities of our armed forces, I will seek ways to counter provocations through close military cooperation with allies and friendly nations.”


Shin was commissioned as an officer in the 37th class of the Korea Military Academy. He served in various high-ranking positions including Commander of the Capital Defense Command, Chief Directorate of Operations at the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retiring as a lieutenant general in 2016. During the 21st general election, he was elected as a proportional representative of the Future Korea Party to the National Assembly for the first time, where he served as the executive secretary of the ruling party for the Defense Committee.

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