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“Punishment is containment, and containment is peace” to emphasize military readiness posture

Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik gave his first field instructions since inauguration

Briefed on the status of operations from the First Infantry Division

Asked to never forget and implement “Punish immediately, strongly, till the end”

Presided over a video conference meeting for major officers in the military



 On October 9, Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik visit


Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik visited the western front to deliver his first field instructions since his inauguration and checked the military readiness posture.


On the morning of October 9, Minister Shin visited the Army’s First Infantry Division in Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do. He also received a briefing on the security operations status and stressed a military readiness posture.


Minister Shin said, “North Korea tends to wage large-scale provocations in the second and third years of our government.” He encouraged the soldiers, saying “Because you are constantly on the watch for provocations from the North at the frontline for 24 hours a day, our people can sleep safely.”


He told soldiers the three principles, “Punish immediately, strongly, till the end,” which he had said in his inaugural remarks on October 7, stressing that “Provocations can be deterred when the North realizes that it loses more than it earns. It is the effect of punishment, and peace achieved by containment is peace through strength.”


Moreover, Minister Shin said, “Besides these three principles, the fourth one is to never forget ‘Punish immediately, strongly, till the end.’ These are four principles to keep peace. It is right here at frontline that you can carry out the four principles directly.”


He urged them to fulfill their duties by keeping that in mind. He encouraged soldiers and said, “I am relieved to see you soldiers united and in full readiness with commanders. I will make every effort to improve military service conditions and enhance the honor of soldiers.”


The troops shouted in unison the slogan “Punish immediately, strongly, until the end,” following the chant of a battalion commander and pledged dedication to fulfilling duties.


Meanwhile, Minister Shin hosted a video conference for all major officers of the military in the combat control room of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as the first schedule after the inauguration ceremony on October 7.


After receiving a brief on the military readiness posture, Shin instructed soldiers to first punish, second, punish strongly, and third, punish until the end, upon the provocation of the enemy, and to remember that “punishment is containment, and containment is peace.”


He added, “On March 8 1591, about a year before the Japanese invasion of Korea on April 13, 1592 (by the lunar calendar), Admiral Yi Sun-sin was assigned to the Commander of the Left Navy in Jeolla Province. We should establish readiness as officers and soldiers as they did that time.”


Earlier, on the morning of October 7, Minister Shin paid tribute and wrote, “I am dedicated to building an elite advanced strong military” in the visitors’ book at Seoul National Cemetery in Dongjak-gu after President Yoon Suk Yeol approved his appointment.

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