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“The North will gain nothing from nuclear weapon development. It will only end up isolated”

Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik made opening remarks at Seoul Defense Dialogue 2023

North Korea’s advancement of nuclear weapons and missiles threatens global security

Cooperation of countries with a multilateral consultative body is essential

Will actively join the efforts of the international community for freedom, peace and prosperity

“The North will gain nothing from nuclear weapon d


Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik (sixth on the right in the front row) and key officials of countries are posing for a picture at the Seoul Defense Dialogue (SDD) 2023 hosted by the Defense Ministry at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas on October 18. 


Regarding the denuclearization of North Korea, Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik said, “We should have the North realize that it has nothing to gain by nuclear weapons development, and that it will end up being isolated by the international community.”


Minister Shin said this in his opening remarks at the SDD 2023 held at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas Hotel on October 18. He also asked for the interest and cooperation of the international community for the denuclearization of North Korea.


He said, “North Korea’s advancement of nuclear and missile capabilities is threatening global security as well as the Korean Peninsula. South Korea is strengthening its independent response capabilities such as ROK 3K Defense with the stance ‘peace through strength.’”


Minister Shin went on to say, “Based on the Washington Declaration of South Korea and US leaders, the United States guarantees the execution of extended deterrence, and our cooperation with friendly nations is being bolstered by the Camp David trilateral summit between Korea, the United States and Japan. In order for North Korea to abandon illegal nuclear development, the cooperation of the international community through a multilateral consultative body is also essential.”


Regarding the SDD 2023 on the theme of cooperation and solidarity for freedom, peace and prosperity, Minister Shin made clear that the SDD will be at the forefront of cooperation and solidarity in the international community to overcome various security threats.


In particular, he noted, “Freedom, peace and prosperity are universal values of the world and humanity, and if the freedom enjoyed by all the people is recognized, peace and prosperity in the international community are possible.”


“The prolonged Ukraine-Russian war has ripple effects across the globe, including energy and food crises. The recent Israel-Hamas conflict has emerged as a new source of instability, while non-traditional security threats, such as climate change, cyber and space challenges, are also posing risks to humanity,” he said.


“Cooperation and solidarity with the international community is urgently needed to overcome these security threats, and the Korean government will join the efforts of the international community for freedom, peace and prosperity,” Minister Shin noted.


In plenary sessions, participants discussed the themes “The escalated North Korean nuclear threat and international community responses” and “Toward a free, peaceful, and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.”


Special sessions discussed (i) Cooperation measures to enhance maritime security in the Indo-Pacific, (ii) The changing landscape and future outlook of global defense industry, (iii) AI on the battlefield: military use, control, and ethical responsibilities, and (iv) The 70th anniversary of Korean War Armistice: Implications for regional and global security.


The SDD is a multilateral top-level consultative body designed to promote peace on the Korean Peninsula. It has been held by the Defense Ministry since 2012. This year, the defense forum brought together over 800 defense officials, including minister-level officials and experts from 56 countries and two international organizations.


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