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'We Must Be Prepared for Enemy’s Coastal Infiltration and Terrorism with a Solid Integrated Defense Posture'

Minister Shin Won Sik Visited the Army 2nd Operations Command

He Also Emphasized the Importance of Protecting Urban Areas and Critical Facilities

The Minister Called for an Integrated Operation System of All Available Operational Elements


 Minister of National Defense Shin Won Sik (center) visits the Army 2nd Operations Command and receives a briefing on the operations status on May 14th.


On May 14th, Defense Minister Shin Won Sik said, "When the enemy infiltrates or provokes, we must conclude operations on site within the shortest time possible based on the principle of ‘immediate, strong, and thorough’ to protect the lives and safety of our people."


During his visit to the Army 2nd Operations Command to inspect defense readiness and encourage the troops, Minister Shin said, "We must maintain a solid integrated defense posture to be prepared against the enemy’s coastal infiltration and terrorism."


In particular, after receiving a briefing on operations status, he said, "North Korea may attempt Hamas-style terrorism in urban areas and critical facilities using not only coastal infiltration but also unmanned aerial vehicles and AN-2 aircraft."


Minister Shin added, "Despite the complex operational environment with a 6,800-km coastline, densely populated urban areas, and scattered national and critical military facilities, the 2nd Operations Command must fulfill various missions, including coastal defenses, counterterrorism preparedness, and protection of critical facilities." He also urged the establishment of an integrated defense posture as well as the development of operations execution plans that take into account the characteristics of urban areas.


"You must establish close cooperation systems in peacetime so that all available operational elements, such as civilians, government, military, police, and fire departments, can be immediately integrated and operated," Minister Shin said. "Although it is located geographically in the rear area, the 2nd Operations Command is operationally at the forefront, and you must clearly recognize that the enemy can infiltrate and provoke at any time."

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