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South Korea and RAND Hold Discussion on Cooperation for the Advancement of Science, Technology, and Defense Industries

Minister Shin Won Sik Met with a Corporation Delegation from RAND

RAND, a Prominent U.S. Think Tank Engaging in Various Research Activities

An Understanding on Efforts to Contribute to Regional Peace and Stability was Shared

Minister of National Defense Shin Won Sik (left) c

Minister of National Defense Shin Won Sik (left) converses with RAND Corporation CEO Jason Matheny during a meeting with the RAND delegation on May 23rd.


On May 23rd, Defense Minister Shin Won Sik met with a delegation from the RAND Corporation to discuss ways to strengthen the South Korea-U.S. alliance.


The RAND Corporation is a prominent U.S. think tank that conducts research in a variety of fields, including security, health, and education.


The meeting was attended by CEO Jason Matheny, Vice President Barry Pavel, Korea Chair Oh Mi Yeon, and Senior International Defense Researcher Mark Cozad.


During the meeting, Minister Shin emphasized the importance of exchanges and cooperation in various sectors, including research institutions, in addition to cooperation between the two governments, to solidify the robust South Korea-U.S. alliance. He also conveyed gratitude for RAND's endeavors to strengthen the alliance.


In return, the RAND delegation assessed that the South Korea-U.S. alliance made a groundbreaking leap last year, driven by the Washington Declaration and Camp David Principles, and conveyed their keen interest in alliance issues.


Both sides shared the view on the need to advance into a science and technology alliance between the two nations and discussed ways to boost cooperation.


Minister Shin shared information on the joint efforts by the defense institutions of both nations to cooperate in science, technology, and the defense industry. He stressed that such cooperation would contribute not only to peace on the Korean Peninsula but also to regional peace and stability.


The RAND delegation noted the increasing importance of science and technology in national security and expressed hopes for cooperative efforts to respond to expanded security threats such as supply chain crises.

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