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Military Launches New Security Command

“We should be faithful and devote ourselves to serving the people,” pledged Minister of National Defense Song Young-moo at launch ceremony for Defense Security Support Command


On September 1st, the military launched a new security command, named Defense Security Support Command (DSSC), which will be in charge of internal security and counterintelligence operations. This re-emergence of the Defense Security Command comes 27 years after it was replaced by the Security Command in 1991.


The start of the DSSC was clarified at the launch ceremony that was held on September 1st at the previous Defense Security Command Complex in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province under the chairmanship of Minister Song Young-moo. “We should deeply reflect on areas where there has been misconduct, and move forward toward a bright future,” Minister Song said in his address at the ceremony, stressing that the DSSC should be faithful and devote itself with respect to serving the people by keeping President Moon Jae-in's philosophy of governing in mind. “The authority given to the command should be used justly for the people, with a fear of the people in mind to serve them. Members need to shed their sense of entitlement, respect troops' human rights, and devote themselves to fulfilling their duty of serving the country,” Song also asked members of the command.


Lieutenant General Nam Young-sin, chief of the DSSC founding ready group, was installed as the first DSSC commander. Commander Nam started his duties after receiving a new flag of the command from Minister Song.


In his address at the launch ceremony, Commander Nam said: “First, we need to get the basics right to become a trustworthy body in the eyes of the public, given the changes in circumstances,” and went on to stress, "We are standing on a starting line, with a determined resolve to take a new leap forward as a professional military security and counterintelligence body." He also reminded members of the command that “According to the newly enacted decree and operational directions of the command, all members should do their best to clearly understand the scope of their missions, by discerning the things that have to be done, and the things that should never be done. By doing this, the command can regain public trust and recognition as a necessary, professional military body." In addition, Brigadier General Jeon Jae-yong(36th Class of Air Force Academy), commander of the security command of Air Force Headquarters, was chosen as the first chief of staff. Meanwhile, Chief Prosecutor Lee Yong-il was named chief of the inspection division as a temporary duty according to the decree on the DSSC, which stipulates that a second or higher level civilian military employee, a prosecutor, or a high-ranking audit official should be appointed.



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Military Launches New Security Command
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