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Results of ROK-UAE defense vice-ministerial steering committee m...

Results of ROK-UAE defense vice-ministerial steering committee meeting

On September 23, Vice Minister of National Defense Shin Beom-chul and his Emirati counterpart Matar Salem Ali Al Dhaheri held the 12th ROK-UAE defense vice-ministerial steering committee meeting at the main building of the ministry.

The two sides exchanged opinions on key current issues, including the security situation between the two countries, while Al Dhaheri emphasized the UAE’s steadfast support for our North Korea policy to denuclearize North Korea and establish peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Prior to the meeting, Al Dhaheri took part in the opening ceremony of the 「Defense Expo Korea (DX-Korea) 2022」 and expressed a special interest in the excellent next-generation advanced weapons system of our arms industry companies and the improvement of defense cooperation between the two countries.

The two vice ministers placed a high value on the achievements of defense exchanges and cooperation that the two countries have steadily promoted in 2022 despite the COVID-19 situation, and agreed to further advance bilateral cooperation in the areas of national defense and the arms industry in a forward-looking manner, in keeping with the ‘special strategic partnership’ between the two countries.

With regard to the defense area, the two sides agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation in information, cyber, munitions, and joint military exercises, and expand bilateral exchanges in human resources and education in a systematical way. They also agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation in anti-piracy operations with the Cheonghae Unit deployed in the Gulf of Aden.

In the area of the arms industry, the two sides shard the view that the two countries need to work together for mid- to long-term cooperation in the defense industry and defense science and technology. With regard to the Cheongung II (M-SAM II) project, Shin emphasized the ROK’s proactive support for the UAE military to secure operational capabilities early.

Shin and Al Dhaheri shared the view that this steering committee meeting had contributed to further cementing mutual trust between the defense ministries of the two countries by ensuring an informative and constructive discussion, and that bilateral cooperation in national defense and arms industry will be further strengthened.


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