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[Seoul Defense Dialogue 2022] “Solidarity and cooperation with the international community is important in addressing complex se...

Seoul Defense Dialogue 2022 brought to a successful conclusion

In closing address, Vice minister Shin Beom-chul emphasizes the ROK’s role

[Seoul Defense Dialogue 2022] “Solidarity and coop


“I believe that strengthening solidarity with the international community will enable us to lay the groundwork for problem-solving at some point.”


The three-day Seoul Defense Dialogue (SDD) 2022 was brought to a successful conclusion on September 8. In his closing address, Shin stressed the importance of solidarity and cooperation with the international community, saying that “any security threat that happens in one part of the global village will not remain an issue for one state or region alone, regardless of whether the threat is traditional or non-traditional.”


“This can be better explained by looking at the issues which emerged in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine, including energy and food issues, and intensified blockades among nations. The security threats which we face are becoming more complicated, and the difficulty level is growing higher,” Shin explained.


Significantly, Shin clarified that the ROK will take a proactive lead in responding to global security threats as a pivotal global state, stressing that “the government of the ROK will do its part as a responsible member of the international community by strengthening solidarity with the countries with which we share values.”


Introducing the results of this SDD, “Some expressed that the international community should lead North Korea to make the right choice by presenting concrete and substantive benefits which North Korea can get when it gives up its nuclear weapon programs, while faithfully carrying out the sanctions against North Korea,” Shin said, “Once again, I can feel that there is the need for a principles-based approach to accomplish the complete and verifiable denuclearization of North Korea.”


Regarding Session 2: ‘Seeking cooperation to re-build trust in the Indo-Pacific region,’ Shin added that “the international community is expecting that the ROK will play a bigger role in achieving the establishment of a rules-based order across the Korean Peninsula.”


“It is of great significance that more delegations then expected participated in the first ‘Cyber Working Group' held after a three-year hiatus, and the ’Space Security Working Group’ held for the first time, assessed the present condition of non-traditional security threats which have been growing serious, and tried to seek out ways to respond to them,” Shin assessed.


Defense minister Lee Jong-sup encourages soldiers: “Military service must be respected. I will do my utmost to make your military service a time of your life in which you can be proud.”

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