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Defense minister visits GOP Unit of Army’s Third Infantry Division

Minister Lee encourages soldiers who carry out their duties on the front line

Defense minister visits GOP Unit of Army’s Third I


On September 12, Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup expressed his willingness to “do his best as defense minister to make military service a precious and proud time of life,” stressing that “military service must be respected.”


Lee made the statement during his visit to the GOP security unit of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division to check the security operation posture and encourage the soldiers who are committed to carrying out their duties on the front line even during Chuseok holidays.


“I am very thankful and proud of you for being committed to security operations, even to the extent of not being able to spend time with your families during the Chuseok holidays. Thanks to you, Koreans are spending their Chuseok holidays at ease,” Lee said, expressing his thanks to the soldiers.


Regarding the security posture, Lee also said that “there should be no problem with the current operations in any event,” stressing the need to “respond swiftly and sternly to any direct provocation from the enemy, in keeping with the unit’s history and tradition.” Lee also asked the soldiers to maintain a firm readiness posture, saying that “the enemy would never dare to provoke when you engage yourselves in education and training with such a strong mental attitude and willingness.”

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