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CNAS pledges to “provide proactive support for the ROK government’s efforts to strengthen the ROK-US alliance”

Minister Lee Jong-sup meets with Chair Director of CNAS Michèle Flournoy, on her visit to the ROK

CNAS is a think tank established by current and former US NSC officials

Two sides pledge to cooperate with each other in developing into a global comprehensive strategic alliance

CNAS pledges to “provide proactive support for the

Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup called on a United States (US) security expert to provide unwavering support for the ROK-US alliance given the current situation on the Korean Peninsula.


On September 13, the ministry said in a statement that “Minister Lee met with Chief Director of the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) Michèle Flournoy, who was visiting the Republic of Korea (ROK) with a delegation of next-generation security experts, and the two sides exchanged opinions on the current main security issues.” CNAS is a think tank specializing in foreign affairs and security, which was established by top current and former officials with the US National Security Council (NSC).


Lee expressed his gratitude for CNAS’s contribution to the development of the ROK-US alliance, saying that “our ministry is also striving to strengthen the ROK-US military alliance and combined defense posture.” “The security situation on the Korean Peninsula is very grave because North Korea has recently shown its will to use nuclear weapons amid its advancing nuclear and missile capabilities,” Lee added, stressing that “the ROK and the US are working to maintain a firm combined defense posture based on an iron-clad security commitment in order to deter and counter North Korea’s provocations.”


Lee also explained that there will be more substantive consultations to strengthen the ROK-US combined defense posture on the sidelines of the Extended Deterrence Strategic and Consultation Group (EDSCG), which is slated to be held on September 16.


In response, Flournoy expressed her will to provide support for the two governments’ efforts to enhance the capabilities needed to ensure the US’s firm extended deterrence commitment, noting her experience as former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.


“Flournoy assesses that the ROK-US alliance has developed into a comprehensive global strategic alliance since the inauguration of the ROK’s new administration, and highlighted CNAS’s proactive support for the ROK government’s effort to strengthen the ROK-US alliance,” the ministry said in a statement. “The next-generation delegation who visited the ROK this time are promising experts who will play a pivotal role in the areas of foreign affairs and security in the US. This visit will be of great help to them as they work to enhance their understanding of the Korean Peninsula situation, and the significance of the ROK-US alliance,” the ministry added.


The two sides shared the view that attention and support not only from the government but also from civilians are important to further cement the ROK-US alliance, and agreed to work together on developing the ROK-US alliance into a ‘comprehensive global strategic alliance.’

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