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Defense minister highlights “We will foster the defense industry as a strategic national industry”

In his congratulatory address at the opening ceremony for DX KOREA:

Minister Lee Jong-sup highlights that we have packaged type-dependent support for weapon export; will work on developing follow-up measures, including making manuals and providing support for education and training

Personally assessed present and future of the high-tech defense industry

Defense minister highlights “We will foster the de

Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup highlighted that “the ministry will work to foster the defense industry as a strategic national industry.”


Lee made the statement in his opening address for ‘Defense Expo Korea 2022 (DX KOREA 2022)’ held on September 21, adding that “We are building strong forces backed by science and technology that is optimized to the changing security environment, by incorporating high-tech science and technology into all fields of defense.”



“In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which high-tech science and technology is rapidly developing, each country around the world has been concentrating its capabilities on defense science and technology to take the lead in the future security environment. Significantly, many countries are putting government-level attention and efforts as a new energy to strengthen not only national defense power but also economic growth,” Lee assessed. “(Our country) has packaged type-dependent support for weapons export, including joint development of a weapons system, technology transfer, and overseas local production. We are also working on the development of follow-up measures, such as making manuals and providing support for education and training, so that purchasing countries can smoothly manage the ROK’s weapons systems,” Lee added.


“‘DX KOREA’ will provide a forum to check the present and future of the defense industry through various advanced equipment, such as ground and maritime weapons systems, drones, robots, and manned and unmanned combat systems. During this event, our government will actively share our experiences and know-how (on the defense industry),” Lee also emphasized.



350 companies from 30 countries participate in DX KOREA 2022


DX KOREA 2022 is an international defense exhibition that is focused on ground weapons. It is hosted by the AROKA and sponsored by the Ministry of National Defense, the Headquarters of the Army, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, and the Agency for Defense Development. The event has been held on a biennial basis since 2014, with the aim of providing support to the government’s defense export policy. Officials from 40 countries, including defense ministers of Slovakia, Romania, and Pakistan, the defense acquisition program minister of Saudi Arabia, Joint Chiefs of Staff and Army Chief of Staff, are attending the event this year. About 350 companies from 30 countries, the largest number ever, are participating in the event, showing how ‘K-defense’ is drawing attention in the global market.


There are many attractions, including the Army promotion hall and defense company booths, at indoor and outdoor venues. Significantly, US Forces in the ROK, participating in the event for the first time, demonstrated the firm ROK-US alliance by exhibiting the M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzer, M2A2 Bradley armored vehicle, etc. On the sidelines of the event, some international conferences, including the ROK-ASEAN international logistics forum, dronebot and AI combat development conference, are also held during the period.


DX KOREA 2022 will be open until the 25th. It will consist of Business Days (Sept. 21~23) dedicated to defense companies and related organizations, and Public Days (Sept. 24~25) for members of the public to freely explore.


“The promotion of defense exports is a very important activity to enhance the national security capabilities by advancing the competitiveness of our home-grown weapons system. I expect that this event will serve as momentum to introduce the development phase of the national armed forces, and bring our excellent defense products to the world,” an official from the organizing committee said.

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