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“We will work to achieve zero casualties by maintaining thorough disaster preparedness”

Defense ministry holds meeting of disaster officials in all armed services

Officials check each unit’s preparations for vulnerable areas, and military support to civil authorities

They shared their know-how, as well as the weather outlook for this summer

“We will work to achieve zero casualties by mainta

On May 12, the Ministry of National Defense held a meeting of disaster officials of all armed services, with the aim of preparing against any disasters that may occur in the summer season, such as wind damage, flood, and heat wave.


At the meeting, the participants checked on the preparation status, including the progress of the complementary and restoration work in a vulnerable area, which each unit has conducted in accordance with the ministry’s guidelines, each unit’s plan for the management of disaster response headquarters, and a plan for military support to civil authorities in the event of a national disaster. They also shared their know-how on exemplary cases of preparation for disasters, as well as the weather outlook for this summer.


The Korea Meteorological Administration forecasts that the average temperature this summer will be higher than normal, and the frequency of localized torrential rains will increase. Accordingly, each unit needs to make special preparations by engaging proactively in disaster prevention activities and building a response posture that will ensure the prevention of casualties, facilities damage, and equipment damage.


“For the military to respond quickly to any disaster, you need to be committed to conducting activities to prevent damage to a vulnerable area. The disaster response headquarters, at every echelon, needs to reinforce these preventive measures to ensure the prevention of damage,” said Lee Bok-gyun, director general for logistics management who hosted the meeting.


Meanwhile, the ministry plans to maintain the best combat readiness by achieving ‘Zero Casualties, Minimal Property Damage’ with thorough disaster preparedness.

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