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Korea National Defense University to expand exchanges and cooperation in human resources and academics with Pakistan’s National ...

Korea National Defense University to expand exchan

On May 25, the Korea National Defense University’s (KNDU) International Peace Operations Center (IPOC) said in a statement that “it had concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the advancement of mutual exchanges with the Center for International Peace & Stability (CIPS), affiliated with the Pakistan’s National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), on the previous day in seminar room 1 of the convention center.”


Kim Byeong-chun (army colonel), director of the IPOC, and Nabeel Munir, Pakistan ambassador to the ROK attended the event. In the MOU, the two centers agreed to expand exchanges and cooperation in human resources and academics, including exchanges of instructors and students related to the UN peacekeeping operations and the holding of a joint seminar and exchanges of academic information.


Before the event, KNDU’s president Jung Hae-il met with Ambassador Munir. They discussed various exchanges and cooperation, such as academic exchanges with organizations related to Pakistan’s national security, as well as exchanges of international peace operations.


“With this MOU as momentum, the KNDU’s IPOC will enhance the expertise of UN peacekeeping operations in the multidimensional environment. It will work to raise its contribution to the performance of field missions required by the UN,” Kim said.

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