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Defense ministry and education ministry cooperate to secure capabilities, expertise, and excellent talents in the military acade...

Ministry of National Defense discussed with Ministry of Education
Two ministries build consensus on continuing to expand mutual exchanges and cooperation

Defense ministry and education ministry cooperate

The Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Education are putting their heads together to develop the education of the military academy. The Ministry of National Defense said in a statement that the ministry had held a meeting to develop the education of the military academy, by inviting Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Yoo Eun-hae to the Korea Military Academy (KMA) on February 10.

The meeting was attended by Minister of National Defense Suh Wook and the commandants of five military academies, including Korea Army Academy, Korea Naval Academy and Korea Air Force Academy, Korea Armed Forces Nursing Academy, and Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon. The meeting was built on a shared consensus that fostering talents who are fit for the future battlefield environment is the starting point in strengthening combat capabilities, considering the ways in which fourth industrial revolution technologies are rapidly changing the battlefield environment. The ministry explained that the two ministries focused on discussing a plan for mutual cooperation at the meeting.

Building from this meeting, the two ministries agreed to maintain the expansion of mutual exchanges and cooperation. The ministry expects that this expansion of cooperation will be of great help in securing excellent talents, as well as in strengthening the capabilities and expertise of the military academy, in order to train the talents of the future. 
Suh also visited the KMA’s basic military training site to check on the personal arms and CBR training for the 82nd cadet trainees. On his visit, he emphasized the importance of training and drills, noting that the trainees “should be skillful in handling organizational weapons and equipment, in order to take the lead as officers.”

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