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Defense minister stresses that “K2 Black Panther tank will serve as a momentum in building ROK-Norway cooperation in the defense...

Minister Suh held talks with Norwegian defense minister and foreign affairs minister
Suh emphasized the excellence of ROK tanks; ministry to provide support for the export of ROK tanks
Two sides reached consensus on need to push for the signing of a memorandum of understanding on defense cooperation
Norway confirmed that it will continue to provide support to the peace process on the Korean Peninsula

Defense minister stresses that “K2 Black Panther t

On February 15 (local time), Minister of National Defense Suh Wook met with his Norwegian counterpart Odd Roger Enoksen and Norway's Foreign Affairs Minister Anniken Huitfeldt in Oslo, Norway. They discussed a plan for cooperation between the Republic of Korea (ROK) and Norway in the areas of defense and foreign affairs. 

This was Suh's first visit to Norway as defense minister, nine years after the last ROK-Norway defense ministers meeting.

At the meeting, Suh advocated for the export of Korea's K2 Black Panther tanks, explaining their advantages in detail. “If the K2 tank, which has been used as a main tank in the ROK military, takes part in the Norwegian tank project, it will serve as great momentum to develop ROK-Norway cooperation in the defense industry in the medium and long term, on a wider level toward the future, as well as contribute to strengthening Norway's defense strength,” Suh stressed.

Responding to Suh, Enoksen commented on his experience of riding in the K2 tank at his recent visit to the test and evaluation site. “I could feel the excellence of the K2 tank myself. It is greatly meaningful that the K2 tank has taken part in the Norwegian core tank project as a competitor model,” Enoksen added.

Enoksen also explained Norway's perspective and assessment of the security situation in northern Europe, including the recent Ukraine issue, and future prospects. Suh expressed thanks for Norway's support and commitment to peace on the Korean Peninsula, including its dispatch of a large scale medical support team in the Korean War.

“Norway and the ROK share values by seeking a similar stance. We hope to promote cooperation with the ROK in the areas of defense and defense industry.” Enoksen said. 

“We also hope to invigorate defense cooperation with our traditional ally Norway, and in this regard, we will seek out new areas for cooperation, including exchanges in the areas of military education and cyber cooperation, by pushing for the signing of a memorandum of understanding on defense cooperation between the two countries,” Suh suggested, and Enoksen agreed with him.

Suh also explained the ROK's efforts for the denuclearization of and the establishment of a permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula, and asked for Norway’s support. Responding to Suh, Enoksen said “Norway will continue to provide support to the ROK government’s efforts to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula.”

Earlier in the day, Suh also held talks with Norway's Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt. 

The two ministers exchanged opinions on the security situation on the Korean Peninsula and in the region, and agreed to pursue close cooperation between the ROK and Norway, which adopt a similar stance on foreign affairs and security. 

Responding to Suh’s call for support from Norway in the area of the peace process on the Korean Peninsula, Huitfeldt said “Norway, on the international stage including the UN, has been providing consistent support to the ROK’s policy toward North Korea, and will continue to maintain the support.”

Regarding the addition of the ROK as a 2024-2025 non-permanent member of the Security Council, Suh asked for support from Norway, as a country which has a similar stance on democracy and human rights. Suh also asked the Norwegian government to provide support to Busan, which has applied to host the 2030 EXPO. Huitfeldt promised to keep paying attention to and check on the request from the ROK side. 

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On February 16 (local time), Suh also visited the RENA Camp, where the winter test and evaluation for the Norwegian core tank project is being conducted, and took part in the test and evaluation of the K2 tank, in order to promote cooperation between the two countries in the area of defense industry.


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