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Defense minister stresses need to “devise thorough quarantine measures for complete mission implementation”

Minister Suh Wook provided field guidance for the Dongmyung Unit, stressing the need to "set an example in implementing missions under strict discipline"    

Defense minister stresses need to “devise thorough


During his visit to the Dongmyung Unit in Lebanon on February 18 (local time), Minister of National Defense Suh Wook stressed the need to “devise thorough quarantine measures for the complete implementation of the missions assigned to the unit deployed overseas.”


This is Suh’s first visit to the Dongmyung Unit since his inauguration, and his third on-site visit to a unit deployed overseas, following his visit to the Akh Unit in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Cheonghae Unit in the waters off the coast of Somalia last year.


In a statement, the ministry reported that Suh had visited the Dongmyung Unit to check on the deployed unit’s upgraded capabilities in the area of COVID-19 quarantine and to encourage soldiers who are carrying out the United Nations peacekeeping operations (UN PKO) mission in difficult conditions. "You should work to contain the spread of COVID-19 through taking a proactive approach to testing, and make good use of the various test kits provided," Suh said.  


All of the soldiers in the Dongmyung Unit have received a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, transported from Korea. The unit is also making full preparations to strengthen its quarantine capabilities for complete mission implementation by providing COVID-19 test kits, including X-pert, and oral COVID-19 drugs.  


Suh checked the conditions of the camp, and was briefed on the status of operations and mission implementation. "I feel reassured seeing that all of the soldiers are carrying out civil military operations, as well as surveillance and reconnaissance operations in the operational area, under the control of the commander, and are winning the trust of the locals," Suh commented. Suh also asked the commander to "continue to lead the way in carrying out missions based on strict discipline, and manage the troops."  


Responding to Suh, Colonel Moon Dong-soo, commander of the 26th camp of the Dongmyung Unit, expressed his determined resolution, saying that “all our soldiers will stick together to complete the missions assigned to them, and build the unit’s prestige by setting an example in the area of COVID-19 quarantine measures."

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