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Defense ministry, Science and ICT ministry to push forward with smart defense strategies based on new technologies, D(Data)·N(Ne...

Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Science and ICT plan to expand civil innovative technologies to defense area

Minister Suh stresses that high-tech digital technologies will "serve as a game changer that leads the future of combat"

Two ministries agree to closely cooperate on various projects, including upgrading communication and fostering manpower

Defense ministry, Science and ICT ministry to push


The Ministry of National Defense (MND) and the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) plan to push forward with ‘D (Data), N (Network) and AI based smart defense strategies’ to spread essential national strategic technologies, such as data, network, and artificial intelligence, which it will invest a budget of 100.3 billion won in this year.


The two ministries announced the DNA-based smart defense strategies to build smart strong forces and create a new digital market at the 27th general meeting of the 4th term of the fourth industrial revolution committee (4th term committee) under direct presidential control, held on February 23.

“High technology based on the fourth industrial revolution will be a game changer that leads the future of combat. From digital infrastructures to experts in AI and software, as well as digital technologies, the MND plans to closely cooperate with the MSIT and continue to push forward with smart defense innovation,” Suh said.


According to the announcement, the MND and MSIT plan to establish a ‘defense information and communication technology project’ that will invest a total of 36.9 billion won over a four-year period by 2025, in an effort to demonstrate and spread civil D·N·A technologies in the military.


The two ministries also plan to upgrade the defense digital infrastructures which serve as the groundwork of smart defense. 5th generation (5G) mobile telecommunications technology will be introduced to the defense area, and the two ministries plan to develop it by 2025 by investing 20.4 billion won into technology that will support interworking between military networks and 5G in common use, and 7.5 billion won into security technology. The two ministries will also push forward with a project to advance the military communications network and an integrated data center.


The two ministries also unveiled a plan to foster 1,000 military experts in AI and software (SW) and 50,000 reserve industry personnel for information and communications technology (ICT).


In addition, ICT literacy education will be made mandatory for officers from second lieutenants to colonels, and the AI and SW online education platform will be constructed for ordinary soldiers and obligated involuntary officers.


The two ministries aim to shorten the time needed to start the project of spreading demonstrated D·N·A technologies in the military from three years to one year by improving the related regulations.


The MND and MSIT also plan to start or spread various projects where new D·N·A technologies are applied. Regarding the ‘integrated human resources management system’ which deploys soldiers to the optimal position and unit by automatically classifying and analyzing the personal information of soldiers using AI and data, the two ministries will spend 2.9 billion won this year on demonstration work, and plan to reflect a budget of 8.6 billion won by 2025 to let each unit use the system.


The two ministries will also push forward with an AI boundary system using intelligent unmanned CCTV, drone coastal reconnaissance, smart campus, remote and AI medical treatment for units in remote areas.


“In an era of technological hegemony and competition, the importance of digital technology is growing on a national security level. The MSIT will strengthen cooperation with the MND so that the active promotion of essential national strategic technologies, such as 5G and AI, and the spread of civil innovative technologies to the defense area can be linked to the growth of related companies and digital transition in defense,” Minister of Science and ICT Lim Hye-sook said.

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