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[Minister Suh Wook] “The military should strive for safety control to be established as a strengthened system and culture”

At meeting to review the progress of safety control work,

Minister Suh Wook confirms that risk assessment has been enhanced through field investigations, a safety accident preventive manual has been prepared, and opinions on safety and public health have been converged

[Minister Suh Wook] “The military should strive fo


On March 15, Minister of National Defense Suh Wook stressed the need to “strive to upgrade the safety level across the armed forces by making the military’s efforts for safety control result in a further strengthened safety control system and culture.”


Suh made the statement at the Tuesday meeting to review the progress of the safety control work related to the Serious Accident Punishment Act, which was presided over by Suh at the main conference room of the ministry.


Held via video link, the meeting was attended by the Army Chief of Staff, the Navy Chief of Staff, the Air Force Chief of Staff, the Marine Corps Commander, commanders of 26 units under the direct control of the ministry, and heads of the safety-related departments of the Military Manpower Administration, Defense Acquisition Program Administration, and public agencies in the defense area.


At the meeting, the participants assessed the progress of safety control work in each office of the ministry and each armed service since the enforcement of the ‘Act on Serious Accident Punishment, etc. (Serious Accident Punishment Act)’ on January 27, and discussed items to be supplemented and developed. They also confirmed that each unit has been faithfully carrying out all measures to prevent safety accidents under the supervision of its commander according to the results of field investigations, including enhancing risk assessment, preparing a safety accident prevention manual, and converging opinions on safety and public health.


To strengthen safety control, the ministry plans to expand the education focused on building expertise, and examine the reinforcement of manpower and support for a budget increase.


The ministry also plans to continue field inspection to strengthen activities to inspire safety awareness and establish a safety control system.


Meanwhile, the Serious Accident Punishment Act provides that the owner and the CEO can be punished in the event of any serious industrial accidents, including death, in a workplace with more than 50 full-time employees.

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