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Defense minister asks military medical personnel to “work for and take responsibility for safe and prompt booster shots in the m...

Minister Suh conducts on—site investigation on COVID-19 vaccinations
Stresses vaccination process, response to adverse events, and quarantine guidelines

Defense minister asks military medical personnel t

On December 16, Minister of National Defense Suh Wook asked the military medical personnel engaged in the COVID-19 vaccination mission to “put effort into and take responsibility for safe and prompt COVID-19 booster shots in the military,” stressing that “this third COVID-19 vaccine dose is the most effective measure to contain the spread of COVID-19.”

On that day, Suh visited the COVID-19 vaccination center in the Air Force 15th Special Missions Wing (15th Wing) to check the current status of booster shots.

The vaccination center of the 15th Wing administers vaccines to 3000 soldiers, including both 15th Wing soldiers and other soldiers from neighboring units, in accordance with the ministry’s plan for early implementation of booster shots.

After being briefed on the progress of vaccination, Suh inspected △ the vaccination process, △ the formation of vaccination personnel and conditions of the vaccination center, △ the adverse event response system, and △ the observance of quarantine guidelines. Significantly, in his talks with the commanders on-site Suh reemphasized the “need to start booster shots to help the people and soldiers return to peaceful normal life.”

Suh also emphasized the importance of ensuring the voluntary consent and safety of the individual soldiers in the vaccination process. Suh ordered the commanders to “make full preparations to take the prompt action needed by guaranteeing the basic rights and safety of soldiers and keeping a close check on their health status, such as offering a combat day-off after vaccination and prearranging the vacation schedule,” stressing “We should prevent the soldiers from having incorrect information on the vaccinations by keeping them updated.” Suh also asked vaccinated soldiers to “keep following the government’s strengthened quarantine guidelines, as well as the basic quarantine guidelines, after vaccination.”

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