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Military begins Pfizer vaccinations for service members under 30

358,000 soldiers to be vaccinated through July 16


210608 30세 미만 장병 대상 화이자 백신 접종 시작 맹수열 


With hopes of a return to a pre-coronavirus normal, the military began COVID-19 vaccinations for soldiers under 30 years of age on June 7, with the Ministry of National Defense releasing a statement confirming this on the same day.


This vaccination campaign targets 358,000 soldiers (86.5%) who consent to receive the vaccination, of the 414,000 service members in total, including both soldiers and civilian workers, who were eligible to receive it. The vaccination consent ratio may change if service members who initially refused the vaccination change their mind in the future. Consenting service members will be vaccinated at 91 military vaccination centers, including military hospitals and division-level medical corps, across the nation until July 16. Service members who are preparing for discharge (including those who are on leave before discharge) can also be vaccinated upon request, depending on the vaccination plan of the unit to which they belong.


In a statement, Minister Suh Wook said that “once this vaccination campaign is complete, about 87 percent (483,000 troops) of the country’s 550,000 troops are expected to be vaccinated, which surpasses the military’s initial target of 80 percent,” adding for emphasis that “the military will make its best efforts to successfully complete the vaccination campaign.”


Earlier in the campaign, the ministry explained that “COVID-19 vaccinations will be performed based on individual voluntary consent. It is essential to protect individuals from COVID-19 and to reach herd immunity within the military,” and published and distributed related brochures and videos. Also, as with the vaccination program for service members over 30 years old, the ministry decided to operate a ‘side effects response team’ to take prompt action in the event of side effects and provide medical consultations, as well as to check the vaccination situation in real time. The Armed Forces Medical Command will operate a 24-hour vaccine side effects call center (1666-5947).

Reported by Maeng Soo-yeol

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